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Gyankhazana review Brilliant idea! Not just my 8 year olds daughter, but the entire family loves to try puzzle. It gave us all an opportunity to sit and spend some time together.

- Pranav Atre

Gyankhazana review My GyanKhazana subscription is for my 7 years old and he loved the contents provided by them . He was so desperate to make the puzzle. Today, finally we did it and he is very happy. Thanks!

- Malay Mishra

Gyankhazana review My daughter eagerly waits for everyday's content message! Thank you so much team, You are helping me to inculcate a lot more good things in my daughter!

- Mrs. Sandhya Joshi

Gyankhazana review We just received our first message today and I can't tell who was more excited my daughter or me! Thanks for providing a quality & affordable service that unplugs us from electronics and let's our creativity flow!!!

- Mrs. Urmila

Gyankhazana is a knowledge based accademic concept. Its our unique communication with your kids. Congratulations to GyanKhazana for introduction of new concept. Hope our school education system and parent community will take advantage offered by Gyankhazana. Good Luck.
Mr. Kalyan Banerjee
The idea of message based knowledge booster Gyan Khazana is unique.Its beneficial for every age group ranging from 3-16 years. Parents can discuss with their children on daily basis to fill their mind with good knowledge and make their relationships strong and healthy.
Mrs. Shobha Kala
Principal, Winhill School
Gyan Khazana is delivering happiness with knowledge at every home by daily messaging. It is new reform of making relationship between parent and children strong. The idea is so great and different that will help every parent to engage their child with him or her and tends them to learn with fun.
Dr. Gauri Srivastava
IIT, PhD University of London